Join a NEW Swim Gym 6 weeks course for grades 1st-5th.  Course dates are October 8th-November 12th, $45.00 for the session (student must have a valid annual registration fee)

Toddler Splash time is back on Thursdays 10:00-11:30 am, $5.00 a person or punch cards available.  Please read web page before coming for full details.


Dear Shepard Swim Families,

Shepard Swim School is built on safety.  Safety of our students, families and Shepard team is always a priority, whether that’s in the water or dealing with COVID-19.

Guidance from the CDC and local health officials is always changing, therefore, we have updated our normal classes to be in compliance with the latest recommendations.  

We understand that each family's situation is unique and that there are differing views and comfort levels with COVID-19.  Below we have provided some insight into our efforts to ensure a clean, healthy and safe experience while at Shepard Swim School.  

Waterbabies classes that include the parent in the water will remain at your scheduled time.  We do ask you to practice social distancing upon entrance, in class (directed by your instructor) and upon dismissal.    

Semi-Private and Private Lessons will remain the same, but will not do parent talks/show offs on deck in the afternoon  Morning classes will begin parent talks again.

Group Classes will be divided in half.  (2 students swim first 15 minutes, 2 students swim last 15 minutes) You will be notified which half your child will swim.  There will be 2 students max for 15 minutes.  We will not be doing parent talks to allow more instructional time.  Your child will receive the same if not more instructional time than in a group class.  You can still communicate with your instructor by emailing and requesting a phone call or return email.  All morning classes have resume to 4 person/30 minute classes with parent talks.  All Swimmer Level classes will be 30 minute/4 person but no parent talk on deck or show off.

Customer Distancing
- We have taken steps to decrease the number of people in the facility at a given time.  This includes fewer students in classes, creating shorter time in the facility, not arriving more than 5 minutes before class and allowing 1 caregiver per student in the facility.  (2nd caregiver is welcome to social distance on outside windows, even bring a lawn-chair)
- For customers who wish to have even more distancing, 15 or 30 minute private lessons will be available at low traffic times.  
- Classes will alternate sides of the pool to help space out students and instructors.
- The flow of foot traffic in particular areas has been adjusted.  You will notice markers on the floors and very limited seating in the lobby to allow for better distancing.

Daily Cleaning
- As always, our routine deep cleaning takes place at the end of morning and evening shifts and includes disinfecting everything (with hospital grade disinfectant).  Seriously everything wink.
- We will have sanitizing wipes, sprays and hand sanitizer stations for you to use on high touch surfaces at your discretion.  
- Pool Toys will continue to be disinfected (although our water is also a disinfectant)
- According to the CDC there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools.  Our state-of-the-art sanitation system along with the use of chlorine inactivates all traces of the virus in the water.

- The Shepard Swim School team has been provided additional training for teaching lessons in a way that maximizes the distancing of students as well as in how to exceed CDC sanitation protocols.
- We have asked all staff to stay home if they are not feeling well or have any flu-like symptoms.    
- All staff will go through a health screening and have temperature checks before each shift.
- All Shepard Swim School staff will be wearing personal protective equipment.

- We ask any customers who are feeling ill or have been around individuals who are not well, to stay home.  
- Siblings are encouraged to stay home if not swimming (if possible).
- We are requesting that only one caregiver accompany children in the facility.
- A sanitizing station is located by the front door.  All guests must sanitize their hands prior to entering the facility.
- We have taken steps to facilitate proper distancing and ask that guests follow 6’ distancing whenever possible. Please try to have patience, we know it is hard in our fast paced world.

Updated Procedures
- Swimmer and caregiver are welcome to come into the facility no earlier than 5 minutes before class.  
- All swimmers who are not diapered are highly encouraged to come in their swimsuits ready for lessons.  
- Once in the facility, you will line up on a colored circle to wait to be called to class.  
- Water fountain may not be used.
- Limited Changing Tables will be available.
- No Parent Talks/Show offs for any classes.
- Students will bring towels in and put them in designated shelf by their lane.  
- No students will get equipment, teachers will have all equipment needed (belts/fins).
- No parents will be permitted in the pool room for independent classes.  Ages 5 and under will have a parent pick them up near the shower area.  Students ages 6 and up will dry off and meet caregiver on a colored circle in the exit hall.  
- After the previous class has cleared the pool area, students will be called in for class by the entrance door from designated spots.  
- Viewing area has chairs spaced for guests safety.
- No child can share goggles.
- For regular classes the 2 children will be spaced apart as far as possible when on deck, but one child will always be swimming, if not both.  
- Limit shower/hair dryer usage.  We will only have 2 showers/hair dryers operating for distancing.
- Please minimize things you touch in the facility.
- We have made our make up policy unlimited through the end of the year.  We have lifted the limit of 6, however we still cannot make them guaranteed.

While the world has changed, the importance of water safety has not.  Our mission and passion to help prevent drowning in our community is the same. We will continue to evaluate new and enhanced safety measures to help keep us all well.

As always, the best way to get updates from us is by following our social media pages and emails.


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